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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting April 29, 2008


In detail:

·       a summary of the outcomes of the AGM and the main points discussed

·       supporting documentation for the AGM downloadable in pdf


The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held today resolved to: 

  • approve the Financial Statements of Eni S.p.A. at December 31, 2007 which disclose a net income of euro 6,599,897,011.52; 
  • approve the 2007 Financial Statements of AgipFuel S.p.A. and Praoil Oleodotti Italiani S.p.A., both merged into Eni S.p.A. (merger effective 1 January, 2008) and the allocation to Eni S.p.A. reserve of carried forward profits of their net income of euro 900,816.00 and euro 14,818,016.00, respectively;
  • allocate euro 4,401,297,986.12 of Eni 2007 net income of euro 6,599,897,011.52 remaining after the payment of an interim dividend of euro 0.60 per share as follows:

- payment of the final dividend of euro 0.70 for each share outstanding on the ex-dividend date. The overall 2007 dividend per share amounted therefore to euro 1.30;

- the amount remaining after the allotment of the dividend as described above paid to the Distributable Reserve;

  • pay said dividend effective from 22 May, 2008, with the ex-dividend date being the 19 May, 2008;
  • authorise the Board of Directors to extend the duration of Eni’s treasury shares program and therefore to purchase up to 400,000,000 Eni ordinary shares, corresponding to 10% of the company capital, within eighteen months from the Shareholders’ Meeting date. The purchase price will not be lower than Eni shares nominal value and not higher than the reference price recorded on the electronic stock market, organised and managed by the Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (the Italian Stock Exchange) on the day preceding each purchase increased of 5% of its amount. The total amount will not exceed euro 7.4 billion. From the inception of the buy-back program to the Shareholders’ Meeting date a total of 373,255,547 shares (9.32% of Eni share capital) were purchased for a total cost of euro 6,432 million, corresponding to 86.92% of the maximum amount of euro 7.4 billion. The average purchase price was euro 17.232 per share.

Payment of Year 2007 final Dividend

Eni S.p.A. Shareholders’ Meeting resolved to pay the final dividend effective from 22 May, 2008 (coupon No. 10) with the ex-dividend being 19 May, 2008. Therefore, effective from this date, Eni shares will be traded without the right to the payment of 2007 final dividend.

In order to exercise the rights incorporated in the shares owned, Shareholders whose shares are not yet in uncertified form shall previously deliver said shares to a financial intermediary for their deposit with Monte Titoli S.p.A. (the Italian Securities Register Centre) and their subsequent dematerialisation.

The payment of dividends to Beneficial Owners of ADRs, each of them representing two Eni shares, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, will be executed through JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A..

Meeting Resolutions

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PDF 27.40 KB