The initial intuition and will

Eni was founded on the 10th of February 1953, by the Law no. 136 of the Italian Parliament establishing the “Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi”. The new energy company took over from the previous Agip, and was founded by Enrico Mattei, entrepreneur, Member of Parliament and former partisan fighter. Right from the start, the birth of Eni was a wager on the future, also because initially, Mattei was supposed to dissolve and liquidate Agip. Aware of the importance for Italy of building its energy independence, working with technicians and engineers, not only did Mattei not dissolve Agip, but relaunched it, turning it into a new company that instantly became the driver of Italian modernisation, at a time when the country was still mostly agricultural. In a short time, Eni grew to become a company working internationally with its own distinctive character.

An evolution based on competitive performance and skills

In the following decades, Eni continued to put its resources at the disposal of the country, accompanying it towards major economic and social changes. In the early Nineties, the company was listed on the stock exchange, undergoing a process of rationalisation and industrial renewal based, as ever, on competitive performance and technological innovation. A new radical development phase began in 2014, aimed at responding to the challenges of climate change and the energy transition. Eni changed once more, and even more radically, welcoming and developing all the solutions and technologies needed to offer its customers increasingly decarbonised products and services, with an approach that brings value to the whole energy chain. Once again, supporting this change are the skills of its people, the company’s most precious resource.


Enistoria: the website

Eni’s history summarized in special contents, within a timeline enriched by stock images and videos.


Eni, the story of a company: the book presented at Bookcity (Italian)

The book “Eni, la storia di un’impresa. Passato, presente e futuro del cane a sei zampe”, features five essays, resulting from original research.


Eni’s archive heritage

Documents, photos, videos and original drawings. Explore the digital historical archive.


A look at the first official documents

Some excerpts from the 1954 Financial Statements and from the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board, during Eni’s very first years: click on the images to open them in high def.

verbale 26 giugno 1953.jpg
verbale 26 giugno 1953.jpg

President Enrico Mattei underlines the country's growing need for energy and the need to promote the industrialization of Southern Italy in the Executive Council of 26 June 1953