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WEEA 2013

World Energy and Economic Atlas
Use this interactive application to browse oil, natural gas, crude quality, refining industry and economic data of the main countries of the world.

In 2012 world oil reserves have grown (+2% vs. 2011) together with world oil production that registered the biggest increase in recent years (+2.9). World oil consumption has grown by 1%, but is still contracting in Europe (-3.9%).

Global natural gas reserves have continued to grow at an average annual rate of 2% since 2000. Gas production is also increasing (+1.8%). The growth in world production is outweighed by the increase in world gas consumption (+2.3%).

Medium & sour crude oils account for over 40% of production for 2012. Production of light & sweet crude oils is increasing again (+10%), thanks to the re-entry of Libya into the market and the growth in tight oil from the USA.

At a global level there is a continuing trend towards growth in refining capacity, led by investment in the Asia-Pacific region. In spite of the many closures taking place, European refining industry continues to suffer from persistent overcapacity, worsened by the continuing reduction in demand.