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  • Mexico

    In March 2010, Saipem was awarded an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract from the Mexican oil company PEMEX for the construction of two desulphurisation units and two amine regeneration units at two of PEMEX's refineries.

  • Press releases

    Eni: achieved the 25 thousand barrels per day production milestone at Nikaitchuq oil field in Alaska

    19/06/2014, CET 11:00 19 June 2014 - Eni has achieved the important production ...

    19/06/2014 -

    Eni announces results for the fourth quarter and the full year 2013

    in Algeria and Egypt partly offset the effects of planned facility downtimes and technical problems ...

    13/02/2014 -

    Meeting between the President of Mexico, Pena Nieto, and Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni

    14/01/2014, CET 09:30 Mexico City, 14 January 2014 - The President of Mexico ...

    14/01/2014 -

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  • Oil and gas production

    Published on 21/05/2014 in Company

    In 2013, Eni's liquids and gas production of 1,619 kboe/d declined by 4.8 % from the 2012, reflecting significant force majeure events in particular in Libya, Nigeria and Algeria, which considerably impacted the production level and the disposals made in the first half of 2012, while it was partially helped by the performance of the Elgin-Franklin field ...

  • Gas & Power - Eni

    Gas & Power - Eni

    Published on 30/04/2014 in Company

    Eni operates in the supply and sale of natural gas. In 2012, sales of natural gas were 95.32 bcm, down 1.44 bcm or 1.5 % from 2011. Sales included Eni's own consumption, Eni's share of sales made by equity-accounted entities and Exploration & Production sales in Europe and in the Gulf of Mexico. Eni's power generation ...

  • Documento senza titolo

    Documento senza titolo

    Published on 30/01/2014 in Innovation & Tech.

    Depth processing: technologies for the processing of in-depth seismic data have been further improved for the reconstruction of the subsurface image in highly geologically complex areas, where potentially mineralized structures are "hidden" by thrusts, salt deposits, faults. In 2011, a processing sequence including advanced codes for the removal of multiples, analysis of the velocity field and depth migration was applied ...

  • Operational Risk - Eni

    Published on 08/08/2013 in Investor Relations

    liquidity as well as reputation. These risks are particularly perceived in environmentally sensitive locations such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caspian Sea and the Arctic region, where the Company performs [...] exploration, development and production trough drilling and other wells operations in complex ecosystems such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caspian sea and the Arctic in the Barents Sea ...

  • Previous Year 's Results - Eni

    Published on 21/05/2013 in Company

    In 2012, adjusted net profit was €473 million, almost doubled from 2011 due to a significantly improved in performance of the Marketing business in a scenario characterized by weak demand and rising competitive pressure. This performance offset the decline in selling prices reflecting in part the benefits associated with the renegotiations of the supply contracts, certain of which have been ...

  • Sales of natural gas

    Published on 08/05/2013 in Company

    Eni operates in a liberalized market where energy customers are allowed to choose the supplier of gas and, according to their specific needs, to evaluate the quality of services and offers. Overall Eni supplies approximately 2,600 customers including large companies, power generation companies, wholesalers and distributors of natural gas for automotive use. Residential users are 7.45 million and ...

  • Local Content - Eni

    Published on 29/04/2014 in Sustainability

    , Cyprus, Ecuador, Gabon, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Polond, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United States, Ucraina, Venezuela, Vietnam On October 5th 2012 Eni has On October 5 , 2012 eni

  • Organizational Transparency - Eni

    Published on 07/11/2013 in Sustainability

    Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 21,56 PT Saipem Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia 43,12 SAGIO Companhia Angolana de Gestão de Instalação Offshore Ltda (6) Angola Angola 25,87 Saigut SA de CV Mexico Mexico 43,12 Saimexicana SA de CV Mexico Mexico 43,12 Saipem (Beijing) Technical Services Co Ltd China China 43,12 Saipem (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (4) Malaysia Malaysia 17,84 ...

  • Ultra Deep-Water Offshore Oil Production| Eni

    Ultra Deep-Water Offshore Oil Production| Eni

    Published on 24/06/2013 in Innovation & Tech.

    Deep Water Until recently, high development costs and technological limitations discouraged deep-water offshore oil exploration. It was considered excessively onerous in terms of investment and, consequently, the development of deep-water offshore oil production was seen by all the world's oil companies as one of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Eni has managed to meet the challenge and has ...

  • More effective Seismic Imaging for Hydrocarbon Exploration

    More effective Seismic Imaging for Hydrocarbon Exploration

    Published on 04/06/2013 in Innovation & Tech.

    technology download the PDF. e-DVA and RTM have been applied so far in many areas around the world where Eni is exploring for oil & gas; among them: North Sea; East, West and North Africa; Gulf of Mexico

    pdf Verdana 30 pt
  • Documents

    Verdana 30 pt pdf

    Verdana 30 pt

    RTM - Reverse Time Migration 2 The several Migration Algorithms differentiate in terms of accuracy level ...

    Microsoft Word - 01.Prima-Guida Azionista 2013 ENG.doc pdf

    Microsoft Word - 01.Prima-Guida Azionista 2013 ENG.doc

    Mission We are a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of ...

    Selected operating data

    , 3.36, 2.57, 2.33 and 2.29 bcm in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 ...

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