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Selection Process

Click on each video clip during orientation activities and discover the various steps that characterise Eni's selection process and how to get in contact with us!

Screening CVs and telephone pre-interview
Initial screening is based on the CV each candidate sends to the Eni site and on the specific job or training requirements:
  • education qualifications and marks
  • foreign language ability
  • specialisations
  • professional experience
  • availability for national and international mobility 

The telephone interview involves a presentation of the specific job opportunity and a more detailed explanation of the information contained in the CV.
Once the candidate's availability and interest in the position has been established, they are invited to take part in the aptitude aptitude evaluation phase

Aptitude Evaluation

The aptitude evaluation phase, both for school leavers and recent graduates, take place at an assessment centre. 
Candidates whit work experience instead, are individually interviewed.
Assessment centres: for school leavers and new graduates
Assessment centre aim to identify each candidate's personal characteristics. To do this, candidates take part in a number of situational tests and group and individual interviews, fill in questionnaires and sit an English language test, which are supervised by a group of evaluators. The tests themselves do not require any specialist knowledge since they are not designed to evaluate technical knowledge.

Focused interview : for experts
For positions requiring specific professional skill and experience, an individual interview is carried out involving information-motivational activities designed to identify the professional characteristics required for the position.
During this interview the individual candidate's expectations, motivation and professional training and experience are assessed. Candidates are also required to take part in a situational test and sit an English language test.

Technical interview

This is the final phase of the selection process. It consists of an interview based on the individual candidate's specialist skills and is conducted by the head of the professional area where the chosen candidate will eventually work.
During the interview the candidate's education and training experience will be examined in detail, together with their technical knowledge, any professional experience they may have and their ability to apply the knowledge they gained during their university studies to the company environment.


Final choice and feedback

Once the selection process has been completed, those candidates who come closest to the characteristics required will be chosen.
The recruiter will inform each individual candidate of the final result of the selection process, after which the chosen candidate will be contacted by the Personnel office to formalise their appointment.


How to get in touch with us

Click on the video and find out how to get in touch with us!




Last updated on 05/09/14