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Job Opportunities

Eni offers job opportunities in a range of professional areas in many countries.

Such professional positions are open to both male and female candidates, in line with current equal opportunities legislation.

Through our online recruitment system you can:

  • see a list of currently available job opportunities *;
  • register, create and update your personal profile;
  • apply for one or more positions.

Register, create or update your profile

To register, click on “New User” and follow the instructions.

After registration you can:
 - create your profile, by clicking on your name on the top right and filling in the required fields with your details. The creation of a personal profile already constitutes a spontaneous application which can be considered for future positions, in line with your professional characteristics.
 - apply for a position of interest or more than one position at the same time.

You can also:
- save one or more positions and apply also at a later date until the expiry of the vacancy;
- save searches made;
- see the submissions you have already made or saved in draft form. 
- submit automatically your data if you have a LinkedIn profile.

Also after having submitted an application, in order to make your candidacy more effective, we would advice you to enrich your profile with additional information and to update it regularly. This will increase the possibility of being contacted.

NB! If you have uploaded your CV to our database before 23 March 2015, you will receive an email with instructions to create a new password to access your data. All previous passwords have expired following modifications to the online recruitment system.


 *In some periods of the year, the noticeboard for job opportunities will show not only professional vacancies, but also internship opportunities or ads aimed at encouraging applications for the Master Medea at the Scuola Mattei, or other university Masters courses promoted by Eni, in partnership with the universities.

Last updated on 23/03/15