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Scuola Mattei and Master MEDEA


- The Scuola Mattei organises and runs the Master in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics (MEDEA) aimed at any citizenship technical-scientific graduates and those who, already working in the energy and environment sector, intend to study these subjects in more depth.

- The School’s educational programmes stand out for their international and interdisciplinary nature and their specific focus on energy and environmental issues.

- The excellent academic staff is made up of an internal team, lecturers from leading Italian and non-Italian universities and successful Eni managers and experts. Together, they represent the added value of the courses, designed to provide analytical tools that can immediately be applied to real-life operations.

- Teaching includes lectures, case studies, learning by doing and project work, seminars and conventions, guided tours of industrial plants of particular interest and individual or group study with the support of a tutor.

A school with a prestigious past that gives energy to your future

  • ANNOUNCEMENT A.Y. 2015 - 2016ANNOUNCEMENT A.Y. 2015 - 2016

A group of Master Medea Students


The School for Advanced Studies in Hydrocarbons was founded in 1957 by Enrico Mattei, the then chairman of Eni, and marked the beginning of post-graduate training in technical subjects and economics in Italy
Some years after the death of Mattei, the School was re-named in commemoration of its founder, becoming the Scuola “Enrico Mattei‘. Since its foundation, the School has trained over 2500 young people, 55% of whom from 110 different foreign countries.


Aside from the academic content, one of the principal drivers of the professional and human development of the students is the school’s markedly international dimension. A significant proportion of the students come from developing areas, such as (9%) and South America (11%). In fact, the Scuola Mattei is a rare example of cultural diversity with a level of internationality that is very high, with around 17 different nationalities in an average class of 50 students, offering students considerable opportunities for cultural exchange. Different skills, a range of approaches to work and study, traditions that are often very distinct, and a variety of opinions and points of view contribute considerably to enriching the student experience. And this multicultural approach has from the beginning been one of the special features of the Scuola Mattei and which is nothing less than a reflection of the traditions and orientation of Eni, also with regard contributing to the training of the managerial class of the countries in which it operates.

The many students who have attended the School have, in many cases, gone on to high level careers in their respective countries. A good example is Kandil Abdel Hadi, who spent the 1963-64 academic year studying at the Scuola Mattei and went on to become, from 1984 to 1991, the Oil Minister of a leading petroleum producing country, Egypt.

Over the years the School has renovated its study programmes while maintaining many of its original qualifying characteristics:

  • internationality
  • an inter-disciplinary approach
  • a specific focus on economic and energy issues.


Since 1991 the School’s training offer was enhanced to include a programme focused on environmental issues and the Master’s course in the Management and Economics of energy and the Environment (MEDEA).
In December 2001 the School became part of Eni Corporate University.

Greater consistency of the training programmes with Eni’s activities and recruitment requirements for young graduates: two factors that in 2006 led to an extensive revision of study programmes and the introduction of new courses, a new address and two new cross-over study areas.

On 30 November 2006 the Scuola Mattei celebrated its 50th anniversary with a convention that brought together around 600 ex-alumni from all over the world in San Donato Milanese to discuss energy and the environment and to share experiences.


The new ten months Master MEDEA consists of an MBA program with two focuses:

  • Global Energy  (GE)
  • Managing Technical Assets (MTA)

"Global energy" explores the management problems faced by companies operating in energy and the environment. This program is aimed principally at recent graduates in business economics or in business engineering, and

"Managing Technical Assets" explores the economic management of technical problems faced by energy companies. This program is aimed principally at recent graduates with technical/scientific majors, and also at persons who already work in this area in companies operating in oil&gas sector.

For the formulation of case studies and application models, Scuola Enrico Mattei can count upon the vast resources of professionalism and experience provided by the cumulative, international activities of eni  and its operating companies.


MEDEA - Master in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics
I fase
financial accounting
hydrocarbons' cycle
project management
applied econometrics quantitative methods for management
system dynamics for the energy sector energy projects evaluation
II fase
behavioural economics
energy economics
environmental economics and policy
corporate finance
geopolitics of energy
corporate social responsibility
III fase
science communication
strategic management
energy contracts
electrical power system
technology and innovation management logistics
planning and control safety and environmental protection
risk management environmental assessment


Due to organizational reason the program could change.

Downloadable documents


Eni Corporate University invites applications for an academic course that leads to a Master's Degree in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics - MEDEA. The course is organized and managed by the Scuola Enrico Mattei. The course is reserved for young graduates who are interested in career paths within companies, authorities and other institutions operating in the energy and environmental sectors.



MEDEA consists of a program in Business Administration in Energy Industry articulated on two study programs:

  • Global Energy
  • Managing Technical Assets

These two programs share a large part of the courses and involve three phases of study, with an increasing degree of specialisation.

The Academic Year runs from September 14, 2016 through to June 30, 2017. Even if courses are in English, an intensive Italian language course will be held during the summer of 2016. Full-time attendance is required. Those who have successfully completed the programme of study will be awarded a Master's Degree in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics - MEDEA.



For Italian candidates, admission to the Master programme requires:

  • university degree in Italy in departments of Economics or Engineering, with a final vote not less than 105/110 (or 95/100);
  • to be younger than 28 years as of 31/12/2016;
  • full proficiency of the English language.

Italian candidates who will graduate by July 31, 2016 can apply.

For non Italian candidates, admission to the Master programme normally requires:

  • a good first Degree (upper 2nd level and above) or its equivalent from a recognized University in the area of economics, finance, business administration, management, engineering, mathematics, physics, chemicals, geology, statistics;
  • to be younger than 32 years as of 31/12/2016;
  • full proficiency of the English language.



The deadline for application is March 15, 2016 for foreign citizens and April 30, 2016 for Italian citizens. Italian candidates will attend the final selection in San Donato Milanese (MI); non-Italian candidates in other offices of Eni in the world where it is necessary.



Admission to the Master implies the exemption from payment of the enrolment fees which are equal to € 25,000. Moreover, in order to favour the dissemination of energy culture in specific countries of interest to the energy sector, a number of scholarships will be given to deserving students who are in possession of citizenship of the following countries: Angola, Congo, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mozambique, Tunisia, Vietnam. In addition to the exemption from payment of the enrolment fees, the scholarship entails: financial contribution for accommodation and living expenses, free training materials. In the allocation of grants, a selection committee will evaluate academic records, other certificates and degrees as well as the applicant’s professional experience. Academic or professional experiences in the oil and gas sector will be adequately appreciated. The course can be attended also by people autonomously chosen by the Eni companies abroad.


San Donato Milanese, January 14, 2016                                                             The Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                                                                             Marco Coccagna


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Scuola Enrico Mattei, Eni Corporate University, Via S. Salvo, 1
20097 - San Donato Milanese (MI) - Italy.
phone (0039) 02.520.57012

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The deadline to apply for the Master MEDEA 2015/2016 expired. See you the next edition!

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International Alumni Association of Scuola Mattei

The School has always kept up relations with its alumni. In fact, in 1996 the "Scuola Mattei Alumni Club" was founded to make the most of the enormous wealth of experience represented by former students – 2,500 graduates from 100 nations – and to capitalise on the great collaborative potential therein.


The International Alumni Association of Scuola Mattei (IAASM) was officially founded on September 21st, 2007.

Our Association is non-profit, totally independent from any corporate division, has its statute and organization formed by the founding members, new headquarters and coordinating staff.

IAASM utilises the infrastructures and IT resources of the School to organise, with the help of the Internet, information sharing, exchanges of scientific and didactic material, meetings. IAASM's principal goals are the diffusion of knowledge, professional reciprocity, friendship, solidarity and inter-cultural exchange. More generally, IAASM aims to become a consolidated worldwide network of energy and environmental workers and, in the broadest sense, of the professional world as a whole.




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