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A journey into the stone-age. In New Guinea among pygmy stone cutters and axe makers

The exhibition  which was held from 28 February to 1 March at the “Dinu Adamesteanu‘ National Archaeological Museum of Basilicata, was promoted and organised by the Fondazione Eni-Enrico Mattei, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Basilicata Regional Inspectorate of Archaeological Relics and the Paleoworking-Musei dei Grandi Fiumi of Rovigo with the delegations of Potenza, Matera and Grumento Nova.

The initiative was characterised by teaching activities and experimental archaeological laboratories, a new and advanced sector of archaeology that aims to reconstruct, using ancient work processes, objects from the past in order to have a broader picture of the various aspects of material culture and human activity.

Visitors and pupils from primary and middle schools, were given an overview of experimental archaeology and ethnography, with exciting paths rich in the fascination of the discovery of the lives and activities of ancient man. Neolithic paintings, the working of clay, fabric production, the making of ropes and baskets with vegetable fibres, the cutting and shaping of stone, the reproduction of prehistoric bows and archery trials were among the activities that pupils and archaeology enthusiasts were able to experience under the guidance of experts.

Two days, therefore, to experience our past and get a feel for history, learning manual techniques of tool production and ideas about how our ancestors faced the problems of survival and, above all, the organisation of the societies in which they lived.

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