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Eni North Africa sponsor for the restoration of the ancient roman mosaics of the Lebda Villa at Leptis Magna (Libya)


14 January 2010 - In the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding for Social Projects with the Gaddafi Foundation and the Libyan state oil company (NOC), Eni North Africa is sponsoring the restoration of the ancient roman mosaics of the Lebda Villa, carried out by a team of Italian restoration experts, under the technical supervision of the Italian University Roma Tre and the Libyan department of Archaeology (DoA).

The mosaics represent a unique and valuable artistic finding due to their precious decorations and their state of conservation. The five colourful and large panels show with exceptional clarity depictions of a warrior in combat with a deer, four young men wrestling a wild bull to the ground, and a gladiator resting in a state of fatigue and staring at his opponent. The gladiator mosaic, in particular, is considered by scholars as a masterpiece, one of the finest examples of representational mosaic art ever seen. The mosaics, created between the I and the II century AD, decorated the walls of a cold plunge pool (frigidarium) in a thermal baths area of a Roman villa at Wadi Lebda in the city of Leptis Magna.

The restoration works started in December 2009 and will last approximately 10 months. Once restored, the mosaics will be exhibited in the site in a new museum pavilion, beside the existing one, which is currently under construction by a local company with the sponsorship of Eni North Africa.

The restoration of the Roman mosaics of Lebda is another example of Eni’s commitment for the protection and conservation of the unique cultural heritage of the countries where it operates and for the creation of opportunities for the socio-economic development for the local communities.




Restauration of the Lebda villa mosaics
Restauration of the Lebda villa mosaics
The Gladiator
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