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Venice refinery: the first in Europe with Energy Certification

As part of the "Stella Polare" energy conservation program launched by R&M, the Venice refinery has been the first in Europe to obtain ISO 16001 Certification for its energy management system.
The Stella Polare project, which is a response to energy efficiency challenges, selected the Venice refinery as the site for a pilot program to define methods to be extended to all of Eni’s industrial plants.
The primary objective of the project is to identify actions that will lead to a reduction in direct and indirect consumption as well as energy saving measures, all through the adoption of innovative methods.

The certifying body DNV, after concluding the verification process, highlighted a series of strong points and "noteworthy" elements, such as management initiatives and activities aimed at reducing energy consumption and the resulting fall in CO2 emissions.
DNV also noted that the Venice refinery distinguished itself for both its "excellent strategic evaluation in identifying roles and responsibilities for the management of improvement objectives" and for the "adequate organization of documentation, both in terms of management and data traceability".
Other points of strength included: the involvement of all personnel, also through the organization of an Energy Fair, which was held at the refinery at the end of 2010 and the adoption of an effective methodological approach for the identification and evaluation of opportunities for further energy improvements.
The official documents that will be issued by DNV will subsequently be fundamental in sharing the experience and in defining the criteria and methods of implementation of the system at other Eni refineries.

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Last updated on 19/01/11