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Eni launches the new range of eni blu+ fuels

eni blu+The new eni blu+ range consists of high quality fuels (one diesel and one petrol), designed to ensure complete cleaning of valves and injectors as well as excellent performances.
Modern refining technologies and stringent laboratory tests have consented the formulation of products with a high detergent power. The “blu clean‘ molecule completely removes deposits and impurities and is thus capable of maintaining maximum engine efficiency, restoring diminished performance and ensuring smooth runs and a new driving experience.
The use of eni blu+ fuels is especially indicated for those consumers who want to obtain top performances from their cars but who also look after their engines and wish to conserve perfect efficiency over time, thereby reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance.
The results of tests carried out on the eni blu+ range have been validated by the Istituto Motori of the CNR (Italian National Research Council), one of the most important research institutes in the field of combustion and energy efficiency.

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Last updated on 25/08/15