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13 March 2012 - Eni and Legambiente at the IV International Conference EnergyThink

Eni and Legambiente will once again come together, this time in Venice, to discuss environmental and sustainability issues with the project “Energythink, il futuro del Pianeta, gli scenari dell’energia‘ (EnergyThink, the future of the planet, energy scenarios).





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Providing access to modern energy services is crucial in ensuring worthy standards of living, in particular for improving the conditions of women and children in the developing world, and to facilitate genuine economic and social development.
The energy challenges of today, and even more of tomorrow, are formidable and range from the reduction of atmospheric pollution to the security of supplies and the need to establish new relations and a global level.
Access to energy is at the core of international debate; the main initiatives organised by the international community include: the designation of 2012 as the Year of Sustainable Energy for All, as declared at the World Future Energy Summit in January 2012 by the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon, and the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) to be held in June in Rio de Janeiro, where heads of state will decide the future objectives for sustainable development.
During the conference, the welcome speech by the rector of the Università Ca’Foscari, Prof.Carlo Carraro, will be followed by a lectio magistralis given by Fatih Birol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and a round table moderated by the journalist Gianni Riotta a and which will include the chairman of Eni Giuseppe Recchi.

The first stage of the EnergyThink project was in 2009 when the Aula Magna of the Politecnico in Turin hosted the international conference “Anche il Sole fa la sua Rivoluzione‘ (Also the Sun is Making a Revolution) which included contributions from the world’s leading experts in solar power, a clean energy source that is free and inexhaustible, the large-scale future exploitation of which will depend on the quantity and quality of research and technological effort. The second stage was devoted to “Le Bioenergie. Una carica di risorse rinnovabili‘ (Biofuels. A supply of renewable resources) and was held in 2010 at the University of Salento, in Lecce, while the third, the theme of which was “Via libera alla mobilità sostenibile‘ (Opening the way towards sustainable mobility), was held at the University of Florence (Novoli) in 2011.

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Energythink IV is one of the official events that are part of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and aims to be an important step on the road towards Rio+20. The specific aims of the conference are to create a platform for exchange for the relevant parties in Italy on the issue of energy access, to examine the current situation with regard to the contribution of key players, explore possible areas of interaction and identify new prospects for action in view of Rio+20.

The Venice conference and the preceding workshop are fundamental to the strategy of engagement and contribution of Eni to Rio+20. Through the Sustainable Energy for All initiative Eni aims to enhance its experience and capacity to promote sustainable development in developing countries and to innovate production and consumption models in the industrialised world. To this end, the company is focusing its attention on projects for the reduction of gas flaring and access to sustainable energy in developing countries and projects for the green conversion of plant and activities in industrialised countries, that are an integral part of Eni’s sustainability strategy. A concrete example of this commitment can be seen in the publication of Business solutions to enable energy access for all, which will be presented at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as part of the Workshop FEEM.

It is in this context that Eni has promoted, as part of the Global Compact LEAD, the Task Force on Business Action. By 2030 this initiative aims to: ensure universal access to modern energy services and double the percentage of renewable energy in the global energy mix. The Task Force is an integral part of this and has the task of ensuring the contribution and commitment of the private sector.

As part of the Energythink project, Eni and Legambiente will organise a second event in October, to be held at the Bocconi University in Milan: an occasion for students and researchers to debate with leading experts in sustainable energy the results of Rio +20 in the area of energy access.

The EnergyThink conference will be preceded by the workshop ‘Energy Poverty and Access to Energy in Developing Countries', organized by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM).
The Workshop will address the bi-directional relationship between energy access and poverty reduction, starting from the possible definitions of energy poverty, reviewing the common measurement approaches and highlighting the facts behind the current situation.

the future paths for the diffusion of modern energy sources will be explored, paying particular attention to the extent to which energy access would rely on fossil fuels or on alternative technologies. Indeed, in addition to the assessment of energy access contribution to poverty alleviation, it is worth considering how the adoption of different energy mixes could determine a more sustainable development.
Finally, the Workshop will analyze future policy perspectives, and the contribution of climate finance to enhance energy access.

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  • FEEM Workshop Program (Only italian version)

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