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Leaders Summit 2010

Eni, as part of its involvement in the initiatives of the Global Compact has actively supported the Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010 in June 2010.

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The Global Compact Leaders Summit is an event that takes place every three years and attracts the top executives of all of the participating organisations in the Global Compact (Chief Executives of big multinationals, government ministers and representatives of institutions, Directors of UN agencies, and Representatives from leading NGOs and the academic world). The 2010 Summit, dedicated to the creation of "a new era of sustainability", featured three plenary sessions: Setting the Sustainability Agenda; Leading the Change and Achieving Development.

The chief executive of Eni, Paolo Scaroni, was invited to address the third plenary session, Achieving Development, where the debate focused on how to increase the involvement of the private sector in the pursuit of sustainable development objectives, with special reference to the Millennium Development Objectives. The session was moderated by Jeffrey D. Sachs, who was involved along with Eni's CEO in the dialogue on the issue of cooperation for sustainable development that opened the company's 2009 Sustainability Report.
Eni has been the first Italian company to have a speaker at an event like the Leaders Summit, further confirmation of the pioneering vision that in 2001 led to the company being the first in Italy to sign up to the Global Compact and to declare its commitment to sustainable development in the countries in which it operates.


The story behind the company's involvement in the organisation of the event began on 17 June 2009, when the chief executive of Eni received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award, an award given by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) to companies and individuals who have distinguished themselves for their contribution to sustainable development . The award ceremony took place in New York, in the presence of the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-Moon. During a meeting before the ceremony, Paolo Scaroni and the Secretary General had an opportunity to discuss Eni's commitment to the Global Compact and the company's interest in playing a leading role during the Leaders Summit.

On 22 September 2009 Paolo Scaroni, the only Italian CEO and the only head of an oil company, was invited to speak at the UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change in New York after having also signed up to the "Seal the Deal!" initiative.

In December 2009, Eni made a commitment to be a patron sponsor of the 2010 Summit, also offering to provide support in addition to its economic contribution to the event.
In fact, Eni's support does not end with its contribution to the Summit, or the active participation of its chief executive. As a member of the Global Compact Eni is continuously involved in contributing to the achievement of the initiative's aims, first and foremost, the Millennium Development Objectives and during the Leaders Summit will announce the creation of a strategic partnership in support of the Millennium Villages initiatives with the Earth Insitute of Columbia University.
Finally, Eni supports the participation at the Summit of delegations from a number of NGOs, in particular from Africa ( Africa Leadership Forum, Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa ) or those that have established relations with the company ( Transparency International ), making it possible for organisations that otherwise would not have been able to participate and contribute to a global debate of great importance to be present.

In achieving these results Eni has not acted alone, but in constant association with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Representative at the UN and the Global Compact Network Italia, in the same spirit of the multi-stakeholder initiative that defines the Global Compact.

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