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Soil Protection

Overall expenditure on remediation activities in Italy in 2014 was 43% more than in the previous year, amounting to
around 278 million euro and marking a recovery from the sharp decline of the previous two years due to the delay in
receiving some preliminary authorizations from the Public Administrations. Remediation activities in Italy have mainly been carried out through Syndial, a company dedicated to the remediation of contaminated sites following decommissioning (72% of total expenditure in 2014) followed by the chemicals sector (13%) and the R&M sector (10%).

Eni’s operations (more than 900 processes in progress) are spread over 17 Sites of National Interest (refineries and petrochemical plants) encompassing points of sale in the R&M sector and well fields in the E&P sector, and there are evidently extreme variations in the scale of any problems related to the remediation activities.

As for the production of waste from remediation, 95% of the volumes produced refers to the water pumped in the process
of remediating groundwater. As a result of the introduction of Article 243 of Italian Legislative Decree 152/06, measures
have already been finalized, and more are pending, aimed at preventing this waste. In volumetric terms, the 10% reduction compared with the previous year is partly due to this process, which will be more evident in the coming years.

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reclamation activity in Italy managed by Syndial

Waste from production activities
Waste from production activities (tons) 1,378,385 1,593,142 1,628,056
   - of which from drilling activities   342,026 366,440 342,643
Hazardous waste from production activities   365,695 374,421 350,451
Non hazardous waste from production activities (€ thousand) 1,012,690 1,218,721 1,277,605 
Waste from remediation activities   10,102,297 11,275,900 10,161,856 
   - of which hazardous   3,754,056 3,930,440 3,525,139 
   - of which non hazardous   6,348,241 7,345,460 6,636,717 
Waste management expenditures and investments (a)   92,113 95,421 106,686 
   - current spending   91,341 95,073 106,221
   - investments   772 348 466
Remediation expenditures and investments (a)   197,468 193,977  218,257
   - current spending   182,112 186,014  207,429
   - investments   15,356 7,963  10,828
(a) The figure is part of the environmental expenditures and investments reported in the table "The environmental management system".  

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Last updated on 03/06/15