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Eni Award 2008: the Winners are Announced

The award is made in three categories: Science & Technology, Research & Environment, Debut in Research


Rome, 18 February 2008 - Eni has announced the 2008 winners of its competition to promote research and technological innovation in sustainable energy, which this year for the first time takes the name of Eni Award.

The award is made in three categories: Science & Technology, Research & Environment, Debut in Research. Announcing the names of the winners, the Eni Award Promoter Committee, chaired by Eni chief executive officer Paolo Scaroni, expressed its gratitude to the members of the Scientific Commission, whose members, appointed from among the world's leading study and research centres, include Nobel Laureate Harold W. Kroto.

The Science & Technology award has been given, ex aequo, to Arthur J. Nozik (National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden, a facility of the US Department of Energy) and Stefan W. Glunz (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems of Freiburg), who are both active in photovoltaic solar energy conversion.

Arthur J. Nozik has conducted research of fundamental importance in improving use of solar energy in photovoltaic processes with nanostructures.
His award-winning studies open up interesting possibilities for the development of highly efficient new-generation solar cells.

Stefan W. Glunz has made a significant contribution to the development of advanced photovoltaic structures. The results achieved using a high-quality silicon-based material are regarded by the international community as a new world standard in efficiency, and could have a significant impact on the energy industry over the short term.

The Research & Environment award has been won by J. Craig Venter, a leading US scientist and one of the greatest living geneticists, who announced in 2000 that he had successfully decoded the human genome.
Venter has won the Eni Award for his new research (end of 2007), published in the latest issue of Science: the creation in a laboratory environment of a synthetic chromosome using the DNA of a bacterium. Venter's results mark a fundamental move towards synthetic genomics, a field offering unlimited and revolutionary application potential for energy and the environment, such as new processes for carbon dioxide capture or regeneration of polluted environments. As far as energy is concerned, Venter's research paves the way for the development of new metabolic processes to produce innovative biofuels from biological organic materials.

The two Debut in Research awards have been assigned to two young researchers, Silvia Cereda (Milan Bicocca University) and Gian Luca Chiarello (University of Milan), whose studies offer interesting potential for energy production.

A total of 219 entries were presented for the 2008 edition of the Eni Award, from all over the world: of these, 167 were received in the Science & Technology and Research & Environment categories.
Eni wishes to thank everyone in the science and research community who has taken part in the initiative.


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