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Toscana Energia Clienti S.p.A. starts up

Among the top 5 operators in the national gas retail sector


Pistoia, 24 October 2006. The top management of  Toscana Energia Clienti today presented
to the Energy Authority and the press the new gas sales company, the result of a merger of
Fiorentina Gas Clienti and Toscana Gas Clienti, the two most important operators in
the region's energy sector.

Present at the presentation, which was held in the Sala Maggiore of the Pistoia town hall,
were the mayor of Pistoia, Renzo Berti, the chairman of Toscana Energia Clienti, Corrado Fici,
and the chief executive of Toscana Energia Clienti, Luciano Buscaglione.

Toscana Energia Clienti S.p.A. has the size and the structure to operate in an increasingly open
and competitive market which rewards companies that are able to strengthen their industrial base,
modernise their organisation and focus on their customers.
Toscana Energia Clienti trademark.

The protagonists of the new company will benefit from the long-standing cooperation between Fiorentina Gas Clienti
and Toscana Gas Clienti. The local authorities involved in the project have shown the necessary sensitivity
to make the most of the local needs of the territory and its residents.
Eni, that is the major shareholder, contributes its excellence in terms of service, management capabilities and an economic
and financial solidity of the leading operator in the gas and energy sector, along with extensive experience in conduction relations
with producer countries of natural gas, which can guarantee to users the continuity of supplies.

Vineyard in in Tuscany landscape
The new company, created with the aim of sustaining the economic development of the region while maintaining firm local  roots,
will remain open to other local authorities and operators in Tuscany who share the strategic value.
Toscana Energia Clienti S.p.A., thanks to its dimensions, is among the top 5 companies
in Italy in the sale of natural gas:

    * an active presence in 150 municipalities in Tuscany;
    * 600,000 customers, corresponding to a catchment area of around 1,600,000 inhabitants;
    * annual sales of more than 1 billion cubic metres of gas;
    * 21 offices open top the public across the region;
    * 160 employees.

The board of directors of the new company comprises: Corrado Fici (chairman), Luciano Buscaglione (chief executive), Fabio Cacioli,
Francesco Panetta, Riccardo Rabino, Fabio Stefanini and Federico Regola.
The message of the Chairman of Eni, Roberto Poli
"Toscana Energia Clienti" emphasised the chief executive, Luciano Buscaglione, "starts with the clear aim of further strengthening
its relationship with its customers through diversification and an increase in the number of channels between the two.
We are also currently examining the prospects for new services, aimed at domestic safety and energy saving.
The size of the new company will in fact enable us to continue to invest in service quality, paying special attention to the needs of families.

"It will in fact be households" added the chairman, Corrado Fici, "who will benefit most from this new company which,
thanks to its innovative shareholder structure, guarantees that citizens will feel part of an industrial reality that has
wide-ranging technical and managerial assets, and an established concern for the social needs of the region.

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Hills in Tuscany

Hills in Tuscany

Toscana Energia Clienti

Toscana Energia Clienti

Vineyard in Tuscany landscape

Vineyard in Tuscany landscape


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