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At the end of June 2009, the European market for Socially Responsible Investments (or SRIs) for private investors was worth €53.3 billion. Compared with the previous year, a 9% growth in terms of assets under management and 27% in terms of the number of funds, with France and Belgium proving the most dynamic (source: Vigeo Research "Green, Social and Ethical funds in Europe. 2009 Review"). The market is dominated by four countries - France, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland - that absorb 70% of the assets under management by SRI mutual funds. In terms of distribution by type, the assets under management by SRI mutual funds based on equities fell to 55% of the total (from 62% the year before) in favour of fixed-return SRI funds (33% vs. 25% the year before); meanwhile, balance lines remained unchanged (12%).


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The SRI approach is a niche strategy in the retail asset management industry, and SRI mutual funds account for around 1.1% of the total assets managed by European mutual funds.

Including assets managed with SRI criteria on behalf of institutional funds (institutional investment funds, pension funds, foundations), the European “Broad SRI‘ market – investments selected on the basis of at least one of the many possible SRI criteria – stood at approximately 3,800 billion euro at the end of 2009 ("European SRI 2010", European Social Investment Forum – Eurosif)..

Considering only "Core SRI" – more restrictive, traditional SRI strategies – the European SRI market scaled down to approximately 1,200 billion euro, accounting for 9% of assets managed in Europe.

At the end of 2008, in the retail investment sector Eni stock was held in the portfolios of 64 European mutual funds specialising in SRI, for a total of approximately 0.1% of Eni share capital. Extending the scope to include institutional funds (pension funds, foundations, i.e., not simply retail SRI funds), the percentage rose to 2.43% of Eni capital. Eni penetration in this segment is on a par with, and in some cases better than, its European peers.

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