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Innovation, skills, research:

a calling card for the countries in which we operate.
Eni’s director of Research
and Technological Innovation
Giuseppe Tannoia speaks

Eni's Committment

Eni's Committment

Eni places scientific research and technological innovation at the core of its sustainable growth strategies.

Eni Award 2015

Eni Award

The Eni Award was officially established in July 2007 in order to develop innovative ideas for a better use of energy sources, promote environmental research and to valorize new generations of researchers.

Technological focus

Safety++ the wearable technologies of Eni

Developed in collaboration with the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, is unquestionably one of the flagship projects. Each wearable is able to facilitate the acquisition of data about the conditions of the working environment and the health of operators by connecting in real time with the control room.

Alliances and collaborations

Alliances and collaborations

To achieve true technological breakthroughs the main keys are the interaction between internal and external research and cross fertilization among different scientific disciplines.

Intellectual Property

Eni's total patent portfolio includes over 8,800 patents, protecting about 1,000 inventions. For renewables 21 patent applications were filed in 2012. Eni's commitment in the active Intellectual Property Management is focused on maximizing the protection of innovative solutions and rationalizing the existing portfolio.