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The Board of Directors

The Shareholders' Meeting of 8 May 2014 resolved to appoint the Board of Directors for a term of three financial years. The Board's term will therefore expire with the Shareholders' Meeting to be called to approve the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2016. On 29 July 2015, the Board of Directors of Eni co-opted Alessandro Profumo as Director replacing Luigi Zingales, who had resigned from the Board on 2 July 2015. The Director Profumo was confirmed as Director by the Shareholders’ Meeting on May 12, 2016, until the expiration date of the current Board of Directors.

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Alessandro Profumo Control and Risk Committee Compensation Committee Nomination Committee Sustainability and Scenarios Committee Andrea Gemma Pietro Guindani Karina Litvack Alessandro Lorenzi Diva Moriani Fabrizio Pagani Emma Marcegaglia - Chairman of the Board Claudio Descalzi - CEO Roberto Ulissi - Board's Secretary and Corporate Governance Counsel
Chairman of the Board Emma Marcegaglia
Chief Executive Officer Claudio Descalzi
Non Executive Independent
Andrea Gemma
 Non Executive Independent Pietro Angelo Guindani
 Non Executive Independent Karina Litvack
 Non Executive Independent Alessandro Lorenzi
 Non Executive Independent Diva Moriani
Non Executive Fabrizio Pagani
 Non Executive Independent Alessandro Profumo
Corporate Affairs and Governance
Senior Executive Vice President
Roberto Ulissi

Last updated on 12/05/16