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People and Priciples

Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) can count on a team of almost 400 people based in 7 locations around the world (London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Houston and Singapore) ensuring an extensive presence in all European markets as well as in the USA, Africa and Asia.
ETS teams are staffed with highly talented and motivated people:

  • ensuring a deep knowledge of the energy commodity and financial markets;
  • leveraging previous and extensive experience within the Eni group;
  • accessing to a wide diversity both in terms of culture, gender and professional background;
  • relying on passion, drive, excellence orientation;
  • guaranteeing reliability, speed and flexibility in delivering results.

Teamwork and a customer oriented approach are common to all ETS people. All these are summarised in our business principles that drive ETS people during their day to day activities.

Business Principles di ETS

We strive to achieve trading and business excellence.
Loss of profit due to inefficiency is unacceptable. We act decisively to achieve excellence through hard work with an open minded approach. Even if we are in a hurry, we take our time.

We value creativity and imagination.
We commit to bring out our entrepreneurial spirit in trading. We challenge and stretch ourselves. We know that the usual way of doing business may be the best way, but we still try to find better and different solutions. In challenges we seek opportunities.

We know that without very talented people we cannot achieve top performance.
Advancement depends on merit. We promote mobility and rotation for the top performers as a long term development opportunity and investment in our people.

We believe that everyone's success is greater and longer lasting than any individual success .
Individual contribution is always encouraged, however working as a team produces the best sustainable results. We actively motivate, engage and create passion throughout ETS. We value diversity as a source of richness.

Integrity, transparency and social responsibility are at the core of our activities.

We are always fully compliant with the law and with Eni's rules and regulations.
We are committed to achieving best practice in the application of Eni's rules and regulations, in particular those relating to the ethical code, anti bribery, anti trust, HSE.

We enhance and protect our reputation with our behaviours in the market every day.
Our behaviours define us and we lead by example. Our reputation consists of perceptions formed by others, in Eni and in the market. Reputation is a relational construct which we must influence positively.

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