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Venice Refinery – Porto Marghera

Porto Marghera Refinery

The refinery, with balanced primary refining capacity of 80 kbbl/d and a conversion index of 20%, supplies mainly markets of North-Eastern Italy and Austria. In September 2013, Eni started its conversion into a bio-refinery, with an objective of mechanical completion by the end of the year and the production start-up in April of 2014. The conversion exploits an established proprietary technology (Ecofining) for the production of innovative bio-fuels, with lower environmental impact (reduced emissions of particulate) and higher motoring efficiency, exceeding technical limits of bio-fuels mixture currently present on the market. Ecofining technology is flexible with regard to the raw material, capable to convert the second-generation feedstock (exhausted vegetable oils and animal grease) which are not in competition with alimentary chain.

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Last updated on 27/05/14