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We are the leader operator in refining and marketing of petroleum products in Italy. We hold interests in some refining poles in Europe and we are engaged in retail and wholesales activities in Central-Eastern European countries. Retail sales operations are conducted under the "eni" and "agip" brands. The re-branding of Eni's service stations in Italy and in the rest of Europe to "eni" brand is underway.

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  • Capital ExpenditureCapital Expenditure

In Refining & Marketing , Eni expects to gradually recover profitability throughout the plan period leveraging on optimization of industrial plants and of logistics operations by means of higher flexibility, process integration and efficiency; selective investments targeting to upgrade conversion capacity and asset integrity; the conversion of the Venice plant into a “bio-refinery‘ to produce bio-fuels; cost reduction programs.

In Marketing operations management plans to strengthen Eni’s leadership in the Italian retail market leveraging on opportunities deriving from the liberalisation process (i.e. closing stations with low throughput, boosting full “iperself‘ mode and development of non-oil activities).

Building on these initiatives, in the 2013-2016 four-year period, Eni expects;

  • to increase its adjusted EBIT under constant scenario assumptions (base 2012) by €0.4 billion by 2016 (in line with the previous Plan’s targets);
  • to maintain its retail market share in Italy.

In 2012, capital expenditure in the Refining & Marketing Division amounted to €842 million and regarded mainly: (i) refining, supply and logistics in Italy and outside Italy (€622 million), with projects designed to improve the conversion rate and flexibility of refineries, in particular the Sannazzaro Refinery, as well as expenditure on health, safety and environmental upgrades; (ii) upgrade and rebranding of the refined product retail network in Italy (€163 million) and in the Rest of Europe (€57 million).

Overall in the year, expenditure in health, safety and environment amounted to €127 million.

In 2012 full operations were reached at the Eni Refining & Marketing photovoltaic park made up of more than 100 photovoltaic plants installed on the roofs of shelters and buildings in Eni service stations located in areas well exposed to solar radiation thus maximizing yields. At year end 2012 a total of approximately 2million kWh have been produced resulting in revenues of over €1 million as targeted and leading to total CO2 emission savings of approximately 900 tonnes. In 2013 energy produced in this way will be used also for recharging electrical cars in selected plants.

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Last updated on 21/05/13