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Versalis - a petrochemical company wholly owned and controlled by Eni SpA manages the production and marketing of a wide portfolio of petrochemical products, having the possibility to use a range of proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art production systems, a wide-reaching and efficient distribution network.

Versalis supplies a product portfolio with well-known brands and a highly customized customer service. This strength is enhanced by its constant commitment to quality and a sustainable development for the environment and the community.

From 2011 Versalis has been operating the “green chemistry‘ business through Matrìca, a 50:50 Joint Venture with Novamont.

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Versalis wants to be a tangible response to the challenges of the global market. A structure designated to redefine the company's involvement in the most qualified sectors of the petrochemical industry: those where demand is more stable, with growth margins in Europe and the rest of the world. Those where competition is possible, in terms of cost and quality.

Versalis is the result of a focusing process whose strength lies in the integration: from raw materials to production plants, from research laboratories to technology up to the interface with the market that can therefore turn to a single supplier with the certainty of finding solutions to all its requirements, not only in terms of products, but also (and most importantly) of services, support and innovation.

Human Resources

For those who operate in a high technology business, such as the polymers one, innovation is a crucial factor, and it is not only limited to research and development, but also extends to vital components of the company, first of all its personnel.

A dedicated staff of about 5,800 employees is the driving force behind all our activities. Individually and as part of a team, their competence and creativity make Versalis a dynamic and strongly customer-oriented organisation. Our business requires specialists in various technical and scientific disciplines: engineering, chemistry, and industrial chemistry, for work on site and in the laboratory concerning production process technology and R&D. Supporting them is a human capital made up of management, IT, financial, legal and sales experts.

All our staff follow a training programme which develops both "on the job", and through participation in seminars and specialisation courses.

Job opportunities - All professionals, newly-graduates, undergraduates who are interested in working for Versalis can send their resumes by clicking on the "Job & Careers" key in the yellow menu, upper right-hand side, and select "Versalis" as "CV Reference" . Recruitment will be carried out by Eni Corporate University, the eni company responsible for recruitment, selection and training activities.


Constant commitment towards product, process, and technology innovation is the fundamental premise behind strengthening and maintaining Versalis's competitiveness and leadership position. This commitment is at the core of customer relations based on collaboration and trust, as our customers need to be able to count on a supplier - or partner - able to pre-empt demands and rapidly provide a response.

Versalis's research, centred on its basic chemicals, polyethylene, styrenics and elastomers businesses, has the following main aims:

  • the perfection of new high-performance product lines;
  • the development of innovative processes;
  • the strengthening of proprietary technologies, particularly in the most innovative areas;
  • the definition of solutions aimed at limiting the environmental impact of existing products and production processes.

In order to attain these objectives, Versalis makes use of a team of about 300 researchers and technologists distributed in the Research Centres and Units situated in our main production plants (Brindisi, Mantua, Ferrara, Ravenna).
The Research Centres are structures highly specialized in the different business sectors, dedicated to improving processes and creating innovative products according to the requirements of the market.

Besides its own research structures, Versalis also counts on a wide-ranging network of contacts as well as co-operations with important university research laboratories both in Italy and abroad.
All our research centres use complex scientific equipment that enables them to gain an in depth knowledge of all the features and characteristics of our products and thus evaluate their performance, so that they better respond to our customers' requirements.

Our researchers' active role in the scientific areas of interest, the efficient monitoring of the evolution of production and application technologies, the constant and direct relationship with our customers - also supported by our technical assistance structures - all translate into an unflagging focus on our objectives in terms of innovation and the development of products and processes.


Versalis S.p.A.
Head Office
Piazza Boldrini, 1
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)

Tel. 0039 02 520.1

Basic Chemicals




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Versalis. is the sole-shareholder company leading the petrochemical business within eni which wholly owns and controls it.
Versalis S.p.A. has defined, implemented and adjusted an effective and productive governance system, according to eni’s guide lines and directions, in conformity with the most advanced national and international standards. The Shareholders Assembly has appointed the Board of Directors, in charge of the management of the company;  the Board of Statutory Auditors, in charge of the surveillance tasks;  the external auditing and accounts consultancy.
The ability of Versalis S.p.A. to follow special functioning regulations allows eni to reinforce its reputation, consolidating reliable and transparent relationships with the company’s stakeholders. 

Code of Ethics

Versalis S.p.A. (formerly Polimeri Europa S.p.A.) has adopted eni’s code of ethics as per resoltutions of the Board of Directors meeting of  2nd July 2008.
Through this act, Versalis S.p.A. confirms its principles of: respect of the law, honesty, correctness and bona fide, already mentioned in eni’s previous Code of Conduct, as well as adopting the code of ethics principles, such as the objectives of sustainable development, the responsibility of the company towards the territories it operated in, the preservation of third generation’s rights and the defence and promotion of human rights.
Versalis S.p.A., while accepting eni’s Code of Ethics, appointed the Watch Structure  as its Guarantor as the Code becomes an integration to Model 231 and is an inviolable general principle. The establishment of such an institution guarantees the real application of eni’s Code of Ethics.
Versalis S.p.A. is a member of the Promotional Team for the Ethical Code and supports the promotional activities to simplify the Code’s implementation.

Model 231

Versalis S.p.A. (formerly Polimeri Europa S.p.A.) has started an adjustment process of  its organization, management and control Model (Model 231) – after the revision of Model 231 carried out by eni S.p.A.
Versalis S.p.A. approved the new Model 231 as per resolutions by the Board of Directors meeting on 4th September 2008. The new Model includes eni’s guidelines and directions and is in conformity with the most advanced best practices, as well as with the present application field of the Italian D.Lgs n. 231 dated 8th June 2001 with following modifications and integrations.

Notifications (also on an anonymous basis) received by Eni SpA and its Subsidiaries in Italy and abroad.

Procedure Eni n. 442 of 29 November 2011: " Notifications (also on an anonymous basis) received by Eni SpA and its Subsidiaries in Italy and abroad " aims at creating an information channel allowing the employees (including top managers), as well as members of the company's bodies and third parties, to send notifications concerning problems about the internal control system, company information reports, company administration responsibility, frauds or other subject matters (violations of the Code of Ethics, mobbing, thefts, security issues, etc.) in a confidential and anonymous form.


Organization Chart

Organization Chart Daniele Ferrari

Subsidiaries: Governance and Code of Ethics
 PE France  PE Hellas
 PE Gmbh  PE Iberica
 PE UK  PE Norden
 Dunastyr  PE Polska
 PE Benelux  Moscow

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors currently in charge was appointed as per the resolutions of the Versalis Board of Directors' Meeting of 24 April 2013.

 Board of Directors  Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Salvatore SARDO, Chairman
  • Daniele FERRARI, CEO
  • Cristiana ARGENTINO, Director
  • Davide CALABRO’, Director
  • Rosanna FUSCO, Director


  • Carlo INVERNIZZI, Chairman
  • Elisabetta Maria CORVI, Auditor
  • Alberto Luigi GUSMEROLI, Auditor
  • Patrizia FERRARI, Substitute Auditor
  • Marco MENCAGLI, Substitute Auditor


Downloadable documents

The Financial Statements are published every year in June, certified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, they contain the Company management report and the consolidated balance sheet.

Downloadable documents

Sustainability is integral part of the culture and the history of Versalis and accounts for the engine of a process for continuous and cross improvement within the organization which for its part guarantees sustainability of results in time and strengthens the process of development and enhancement.
Sustainability also contributes to the business risk management, to improve performance, to consolidate reputation and intangible assets.



The patent and proprietary technology portfolio of Versalis ranges from basic products to polymers: phenol and derivatives, polyethylene, styrenics and elastomers, but also catalysts, and special chemical products.
This means that Versalis, as producer of intermediates and thermoplastics continues to develop its own proprietary technologies using the direct experience earned at its research and development centres, its own production plants and considering the answer of the market towards its products.

This type of approach has allowed optimizing the designing of the single devices and plants, of their performances, of the performances of the proprietary catalysts, of the characteristics of the products getting excellent results in all the technologies of the company's business areas. This allowed the company to be competitive on the market.

It is important to underline the key role of the most innovative proprietary catalysts, the zeolite-based ones, which are now available all over the world, and which have been developed by Versalis as "fundamental elements" of some of the most advanced technologies, available to licensing.



Versalis manufactures several types of polyethylene, styrenics and elastomers for every application requirement.
Integrated research on the processes, optimization of the production structures and start-up of new plants create a new portfolio of products characterized by an ideal balance between processability and performances.
This is combined with our technicians’ ability to offer custom-tailored solutions and specific responses. Because such a large market requires to think big, but at the same time to be able to work with the details, paying extreme attention to the requests of every custom.
Versalis products: an endless choice for everyday life.


Basic Chemicals

Globalisation of both the purchasing and sales markets and the internationalisation of the enterprises have greatly transformed the organization of the production and distribution processes.
Transport and logistics are now considered part of customer service and as such determine the competition advantage of a business.

The competitiveness of Versalis's system is not based only on the ability to optimise transport costs, rather on the possibility of creating a logistics chain from the point of origin to the destination which is characterised by:

  • coverage of as many destinations as possible in Europe;
  • use of various modes of transport: by sea (bulk and containers), rail, road and intermodal;
  • optimisation of delivery times;
  • regularity and frequency of service. 


Last updated on 10/04/13