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Polimeri Europa changes name and becomes Versalis

Polimeri Europa, the primary Italian chemical company, and one of the foremost in Europe, is changing its name to Versalis.

The new name represents a tangible sign of Eni's 2011 decision to relaunch this sector of its business.

Versalis, a name with an international dimension, one that is strongly suggestive and laden with references to company values, expresses fully the elements of radical change and renewal contained in polimeri europa's 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.

The Plan sees the company involved in a number of innovative business moves such as investment in the renewable chemicals industry with the JV Matrìca, the upgrading of numerous sites, the reinforcement of Research and Licensing and the setting up of four market-driven Business Units. The Plan is a launch pad for a company that aims to be competitive on the market while at the same time remaining efficient, sustainable and a leader at national and international level.

The context in which versalis currently operates is very different to 1995, the year Polimeri Europa was founded. Today the company moves in a profoundly competitive and dynamic market which poses new challenges every day.

To face these better, the company's strategy includes strong internationalisation (by means of strategic alliances and expansion into emerging countries), broadening of the product range and an increase in sustainability investments, all of which leverages technological excellence and the renowned professional skills of personnel.

The name-change is obligatory in this framework and, amongst other things, helps the company to overcome the geographical and operational confines inherent in the name "Polimeri Europa". Hinging as it does on a universal and global concept which comprises widespread presence, stability and safety, the name Versalis fully expresses the company's new approach.

A word of many facets, Versalis evokes versatility, movement, direction and flexibility, elements which are unique to the company and to its new organizational structure. It also reflects a strong commitment to achieving the targets contained in the Plan and to bringing the process of company transformation to a successful completion.

Chosen from among no less that 1,000 names following research that involved experts in the field of corporate identity as well as a leading company in opinion polling, Versalis contains strong elements of tradition combined with a drive towards the future, both of which reflect the values and vision of Eni and its new orientation towards chemicals.
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Last updated on 04/04/12