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Eni Corporate University

Eni Corporate University

Eni Corporate University, a subsidiary of Eni, offering services in recruiting and personnel selection, is fostering the quality of Eni’s human resources and the company’s strategies, covering the whole “knowledge cycle‘ from planning the requirements of critical skills to the construction of integrated academic curricula in cooperation with universities in Italy, up to the selection of new talents and their training during their professional lives.

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Eni Corporate University  is the Eni company that manages orientation, recruitment, selection, training and Knowledge Management.

It is Eni's institutional point of contact with the Italian and international academic world for the development and spread of the company's corporate culture.

The creation of the specific skills required by an industrial reality as large as Eni cannot be left entirely to outside institutions, and can be better provided by an internal structure capable of ensuring a closer alignment of company strategies with the skills of the people implementing them.

Eni Corporate University is one of Eni’s main tools of change management in the selection and training of the managers and experts of the future.

In particular, Eni Corporate University:

  • manages the entire process of orientation, recruitment, selection and training of personnel  for Eni and its companies;
  • evaluates and develops the knowledge assets and the managerial, technical and professional skills of personnel within the company, through promoting innovative training programmes and developing Knowledge Management systems, by seeing training as a strategic lever in knowledge management;
  • promotes and develops innovative partnerships with academic institutions, aimed at creating integrated training paths in the energy sector;
  • acts as Eni’s company-wide point of contact with the national and international academic world;
  • promotes the spread and sharing of Eni’s corporate culture.

With over 50 years of experience in advanced training in the energy and environmental sectors, the Scuola Enrico Mattei is an integral part of Eni Corporate University.

Its master's course in the Management and Economics of Energy and the Environment (MEDEA) has become an international reference point for post-graduate training in subjects relating to the oil and gas industry.

The headquarter is in Via S. Salvo 1
20097 San Donato Milanese (Milan)
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For information:
telephone 0039 02 520.1

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