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LNG Shipping

LNG Shipping S.p.A. operates in the sector of sea transport of Liquefied natural gas (Lng).

To do this it uses two of its own methane carriers: LNG Portovenere and LNG Lerici, with a capacity of 65,000 cubic metres each.

LNG Shipping S.p.A. has been established on July 26, 2001 and is fully controlled (100 %) by Eni S.p.A.


The purpose of LNG Shipping S.p.A. is the exercising, in Italy and overseas, of the shipping activities with ship of every size and tonnage, whether owned or chartered. Acting on behalf of Eni, LNG Shipping carries out the management of Lng marine transportation, which is controlled by Eni.

LNG Shipping gives support to Eni for Lng shipping and business activities.

During the year 2014 Lng Shipping achieved the very important result to obtain the certifications ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001.
These certifications witness the commitment of the Company to continuous improvement in health, safety and environment protection, by the application of an adequate HSE integrated management system.

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Legislative LNG Shipping Corporate Responsibility is founded upon:

  • the values expressed by the Eni Code of Ethics;
  • total compliance with the norms in force and main international conventions;
  • the adoption of the highest level of quality as regards management systems and operational procedures;
  • the constant commitment aimed at promoting and developing the professional capabilities of our employees,

but, above all, the behavior and commitment that each member of the LNG Shipping team daily assumes and promotes in the performance of his/her working activities.

Model 231
  • Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001 introduced rules and regulations concerning the administrative liability of companies.

    These rules and regulations state that companies can be held responsible, and consequently subject to sanctions, for any offences committed or attempted in the interests or to the advantage of the company itself by the company’s directors or employees. Companies can, therefore, adopt organisational, management and control models (“Model”) designed to prevent these offences.

    "Model 231" of LNG Shipping S.p.A. includes the Eni Code of Ethics and is made up of an organic set of principles, rules and disposition to realize and manage a control and monitoring system on sensitive activities to prevent the commission of crimes foreseen by LD 231/2001.

    Model 231 of LNG Shipping S.p.A. has been firstly adopted on June, 27th, 2005 and subsequently updated in order to extend it to the new type of crimes, added within the time, pursuant to administrative liability of companies; until the new version adopted by Board of Directors Resolution on January, 26th, 2011.

Code of Ethics
  • A company document with an Eni internal standard value, which defines the set of recognised and interiorised standards of the company and the resulting framework of principles and regulations which all who work to achieve the corporate objectives must adhere to.

    The code of ethics which likewise indicates to the company the set of its "social responsibilities" with regards to the main categories of "stakeholders", inside and outside the company itself.

    The Board of Directors of LNG Shipping S.p.A. appointed as Guarantor of Code of Ethics the "Organismo di Vigilanza di LNG Shipping".

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Board of DirectorsBoard of Statutory Auditors
  • Di Cosmo Lorella, Chairman
  • Pezzani Fabrizio, President of Supervisory Board
  • Riccardo Baratozzi, CEO
  • Parente Francesca, Supervisor
  • Della Zoppa Alessandro, Director
  • Mancini Fabio Supervisor
  • Pasini Mia Substitute Supervisor
  • Onesti Tiziano Substitute Supervisor


Il viaggio del Gas Algeria-Italia
Dall'Algeria all'Italia a bordo della nave metaniera LNG Lerici

Intraprendi il viaggio (Only Italian version )


LNG Shipping S.p.A.
Head Office in
Piazza Vanoni 1
20097 San Donato Milanese (Milan-Italy)
Phone: +39-02-52051468
Fax: +39-02-52041380

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