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Gas & Power - Activities in the World

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Sales Markets
  Direct sales Sales through
equity-accounted entities
Natural gas sales  
France 8,23 0,13 8,36
Northern Europe (United Kingdom and Norway) 4,75 2,06 6,81
Turkey 7,22   7,22
Hungary 2,02   2,02
Italy 34,66   34,66
Germany and Austria 5,54 2,24 7,78
Belgium 10,31   10,31
Iberian Peninsula ( Spain and Portugal) 2,75 3,54 6,29
Other countries with marketing activities: Slovenia, Greece, Russian Federation, Luxembourg.
Supply countries: Russian Federation, Netherlands, Northen Europa, Hungary.


Sales Markets


Gas purchasing countries: Algeria, Lybia


Sales Markets


Countries purchase gas: Qatar

Last updated on 23/07/13