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Exploration & Production

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Oil and natural gas production was 1.598 million boe/d in 2014 (up by 0.6% compared to the previous year), excluding the impact of the divestment of Eni’s interest in Siberian assets.

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Estimated net proved reserves at December 31, 2014 amounted to 6.6 bboe based on a reference Brent price of $101 per barrel. The reserves replacement ratio was 112%. The reserves life index was 11.3 years (11.1 years in 2013).



Exploration & Production

Exploration remains an important growth driver for the company. Throughout the plan, Eni expects new discoveries of 2 billion boe at a competitive cost of 2.6$/b. In the first two years of the plan, activity will be focused on proven plays and near-field exploration in order to quickly complete the full appraisal of resource potential while benefiting from all the logistical advantages in the development and production start-up activities.

The hydrocarbon production growth target is equal to 3.5% per year in the 2015-2018 period, and will be achieved mainly through the start-up of 16 major projects and the ramp-up of those already started in 2014, with a total contribution in excess of 650kboed in 2018. These projects will have an average breakeven level of 45$/b, and will generate an additional cumulative operating cash flow of 19 billion euros in 2015-18.


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Last updated on 20/08/15