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The history of a company and a successful brand

The history of Eni and its companies is a long one, and is closely related to the development of Italy. Take a journey back in time, through pictures and videos on the EniHistory web site to find our about our past

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Enrico Mattei

Enrico Mattei

Enrico Mattei, a key character in the history of both the Italian and international industries, was born in 1906. Passion, strategic vision, innovation: Enrico Mattei's legacy has allowed Eni to become the world's sixth largest oil company and to play a leading role in the oil industry.

History of the trademark

History of the trademark

It all began in 1952, when the six-legged dog, the work of artist Luigi Broggini, won an advertising competition organised by Eni. The new symbol immediately provoked curiosity, and would do so even more over the years, thanks to the reluctance of the artist to recognise paternity

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